Give Thanks

This weekend as I spent time with my family and enjoyed making new memories, I was reminded of how quickly things in life can change.  Due to the great thing we have now days called social media, I was shocked to see that 2 people I went to high school with both lost their lives during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

One was battling throat cancer, not that this is different, but he was able to start to prepare for an ending at some point with his family.  He lost his battle at a young age, which is a huge disappointment, but he was surrounded by his family and friends.  Another lost her life, but in a very different way.  She was bubbly and full of life.  She was found Sunday morning, by her family, unresponsive.  At this point unsure of the cause of death.  In looking at her Facebook page she spent Fri night with her daughter watching a movie.  Thank goodness for this one last memory for her daughter.

Whenever I hear of situations such as these, I really stop and look at my life and know that there is so much that happens that really is “small stuff”.  We worry too much about the little things in life and not enough about the important ones.  The ones that include being surrounded by people you love. Making memories that will last a lifetime.  Filling each and every moment with a smile.

Always remember that you might be the last person that someone else looks at, speaks to, spends time with. Make a lasting impression.  You may be the only they have spent time with in the last day, weeks, or even years.  On the other hand, you may spend every day with them, but always do your best to show them you appreciate them, love them and cherish them.  Life is full of surprises and sometimes they are not ones we enjoy!  Make it count!!


Do You Have Your Bucket List?

As much as I hate to admit it, I am 44 years old and I know that I am not getting any younger.  So many times I think about things that I would love to do one day and they just never get accomplished (let alone written down to accomplish).  Yes I know, I know …. It’s never too late to start. It is also never too early.  When you think about life and all of reality, it can end at any given moment without a second thought.

Bucket lists can consists of small wishes as well as big ones.  Start now!  Check those items off, then as you go through life and each day extends to another you can look at that list and feel accomplished.  So many times we get to points in our lives when we don’t feel we have made a difference. So not true!

My bucket list won’t consist of only travels I want to make, places I want to see, or people I want to meet.  Volunteer for a great cause, help out an elderly neighbor, fundraise for charity … all of these are things that are simple to do, don’t cost a lot of money and give you that great feeling of accomplishment. Something to look back at and feel good about!

So what is on your bucket list? Don’t want til tomorrow or next week or even next month to start.  Start today, tomorrow might not come. None of us know when that expiration date is for our lives so get out and live it and make a difference today!!

Being the Black Sheep

This one is going to be short but I have to vent.

If you have family and I am sure that all of you do … don’t neglect them, don’t treat them each differently, don’t walk away from them.  You never know when you may need them. You may not truly know what they are going thru in their life.  We are all different and lead different lives, but when broken down they are your family. Just because they don’t live the lavish life you live doesn’t mean they are below you.  Just because they see things a little differently doesn’t mean they deserve to be set aside. Don’t compare, don’t judge. Maybe they are just searching for help and don’t know how to ask for it or searching for someone to care.

Hold on to every memory and moment that you create because those times can come to an end at any moment.

Throwback ….

Wow when I look back at the way things were when I was my kids ages (18 and 16), I can’t imagine growing up in the world as it is today. We had so much time to go out and really and truly hang out with our friends.  If we made plans for the weekend, they rarely got cancelled because we didn’t have the convenience of a cell phone to quickly be in touch for making other plans or canceling plans.  Life just never seemed as stressful as it is now.

Getting together truly meant getting together and hanging out. It wasn’t about getting together with your friends and checking out your phone constantly to see if your boyfriend/girlfriend was trying to contact you.  We spent quality time listening to each other.  Talking about our hopes, dreams, cares and concerns.  We didn’t just post them somewhere on a virtual wall with the hope that someone would comment, share or like what we had to say.

Take a moment, an hour, a half day or a day … maybe even a whole weekend … and go back to the days before technology. Spend that time with the ones you love, the ones you care about and show them.  Our days and years don’t get any longer. Enjoy it while you can and don’t let it pass you by.

Life as the new generation knows it is way different then life as I know it!!!